The next best alternative to video content is text and images. Text-based content is handy when the end user's internet connection is not having a good speed to access the videos. Your classroom should have the right balance of video and text-based content.

You can also choose the text and image-based content if you believe that your target audience may not have access to good internet.

You can take the help of this VIDEO to use the text block.

Or you can also follow the steps below to use the text block:


Please click on the ‘ADD NEW BLOCK’ and then click on the ‘TEXT’ that appears from the options as shown in the image below.


In this step, please give a suitable TITLE to your block and write your TEXT. After that, please click on the UPDATE and the SAVE tab.


Now please click on the ‘VISIT YOUR SITE’ to view the text block as a learner or you can also log in with learner credentials.


Now please click on the ‘RESUME’ tab.


In this fifth step, please click on the ‘START’ button and to see the text block appearing.

Here is the learner side of the text block.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! You have successfully created the text block. Now we are pretty sure, you can start creating more text blocks to interact with your learners.
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