A match the following question is two adjacent lists of related words, phrases, pictures, or symbols. Each item in one list is paired with at least one item in the other list. Matching may be considered to be a variant of multiple-choice in which more than one choice is correct.

MATCH THE FOLLOWING question type has the following benefits :

Allow for great flexibility and accuracy in counting the learners’ scores.

Give an objective assessment of the learners’ knowledge.

At their most useful when used in areas mostly dealing with facts.

Least chance of guessing the correct answer compared to other question types.

You can take the help of this VIDEO to learn how to use MATCH THE FOLLOWING.

And here are also incredible steps to use Match the following questions in your online classroom:


First, you need to go to the ‘ADD NEW BLOCK’ icon in the classroom and then search for ‘**MATCH THE FOLLOWING’** under the search bar. Once you complete this step, we are almost 20 % done.

STEP 2: Yeah we are 20% done. Let us achieve now 100% stepwise from here. Are we ready? So, yes, the next step is to give a suitable ‘**TITLE**’ as indicated & click on ‘**UPDATE’** as shown below


We are 40% through already. So, in the third step, you will need to give a suitable BLOCK NAME as indicated below the title and then shoot your questions in the CONTENT box as displayed below.


After the completion of the third step, you will move to the 4th step. Now here, you will have to click on the ‘**ADD NEW OPTIONS’** block, which will help you post your questions on one side, and the other side will take care of the answers to the questions set by you


After the fourth step is completed by you, the fifth step will actually help you to place questions on the left side as displayed below in the dialogue box, and the right side will open options for you to place your answers as indicated in the dialogue box.

STEP 6 :

So you are ready to click ‘**SAVE’** to update the question that will help you to stay on the top of your online teaching academy. Your learners will now have access to answer the MATCH THE FOLLOWING question set by you from their learner site.


In the SEVENTH step, you will get a view of the learners’ side of MATCH THE FOLLOWING. So click on ‘VISIT YOUR SITE’ as displayed by the dialogue box.


After you have clicked on ‘**visit your site**’, you will be excited to see the learner view of MATCH THE FOLLOWING. You will find ‘**RESUME’** as displayed in the dialogue box**.** Please click on ‘RESUME’ to proceed.


Click on ‘START’ to continue to see the learner side.

STEP 10:

This step shows the dialogue box displaying, which guides you to click on the ‘**TOGGLE NAVIGATOR’** to move forward.

STEP 11:

In the eleventh step, you will have to click on ‘**MATCH THE FOLLOWING’** from the options.

STEP 12:

Finally, you will see the question from the learners' side of MATCH THE FOLLOWING.

CONGRATS😊 !! You have successfully created MATCH THE FOLLOWING type question using MATCH THE FOLLOWING block. You can start now creating more of them and assess your learners understanding of the contents you share.
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