Drag the Words allows you to create textual expressions with missing pieces of text. The learners drag a missing piece of text to its correct place to form a complete expression. It is used to check if the learner remembers a text they have read.

One of the big advantages of ‘drag and drop’ questions is their intuitive use. ‘Drag and drop’ exercises are widely used in second language teaching so that most students will be familiar with this question type.

Following are the steps which help you to use drag the word block:


Please click on the ‘ADD NEW BLOCK’ and then click on the ‘DRAG THE WORD’. Option.


Please give a suitable TITLE and then proceed with typing your QUESTION.

Note: Write the sentence with the draggable word within Asterisk.

EXAMPLE: An Apple is red in colour.


Next, click on the ‘UPDATE AND SAVE’ and then click on ‘VISIT YOUR SITE’ to view as a learner or you can log in with learner credentials.


Please click on the ‘RESUME’ tab.


In this step, please click on the ‘START’ button as shown in the below image to view from the learner side.

Now you can view DRAG THE WORD from the learner's side.

Congrats😊 !! You have successfully created the drag the word block.

Now you can start creating this block to make your quizzes more fun by adding draggable words.
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