What is the collapsible title?

A collapsible title or we can say Heading fonts and body fonts are part of the templates available to you. Heading fonts are used as larger, higher impact text, such as in a title or section header. Body fonts are usually used with longer text, like a paragraph or secondary text.

Why use a collapsible title?

Collapsible title or Accordion is handy as a cheatsheet or ready reckoner at the end of the unit. It leaves the learner with takeaway/summary points for the unit.

You can take the help of this VIDEO to create an accordion block.

You can also follow the below steps to create a collapsible title/ accordion block.


Please click on the ‘ADD NEW BLOCK’ and then select on the ‘ACCORDION’ which appears from the options.


Now please give a suitable TITLE and kindly fill the question and also the body as indicated by the image below.


Please click on the ‘SAVE AND UPDATE’ tab. Then click on the ‘VISIT YOUR SITE’ to see the learners side or else you can log in from your learner credentials to view it.


Now please click on the ‘RESUME’.


In the fifth step, click on the ‘START’ and now you can view your ACCORDION block.

Now this is how the ACCORDION block is available to the learner:

You can now see the learner side of the Collapsible Title/Accordion.

Congratulations!!! we have created an accordion block so now you are ready to create an accordion block by following the steps mentioned above to provide an excellent learning experience to your learners.
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