The admin will have the ability to create Classrooms, Schedule live online sessions, moderate discussions, enrol students from the admin panel while an instructor can only start pre-scheduled live online sessions.

Please note, Instructors don't have the ability to edit a course or enroll students. Assigning an Instructor to a course is designed to add a personal touch and introduce the expert teaching the course.

Learn how to Upgrade Role to An Instructor
Click the Classroom tab .Next Click the classroom to assign an instructor.
Click the Users tab & Click triple-dots(Vertical ellipsis) next to the user whom you want to assign the Instructor role.
Click Update Privilege and tap on Ok to assign the Instructor role.
To confirm you can Search in the search bar for the Instructor. You will find the User has successfully been assigned the role as an Instructor.

Once an Instructor has been assigned to a Classroom they can Start Conducting Live classes

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