Before diving in, let's understand the difference between an admin and an instructor

Admin has access to the admin panel of the EDISON platform whereas an instructor does not have an access to the admin panel of the EDISON platform but will still be able to start live online sessions and moderate discussions from the dashboard.

The admin will have the ability to create classrooms, schedule live online sessions, moderate discussions, enrol students from the admin panel while an instructor can only start pre-scheduled live online sessions and moderate forum discussions.

There are situations you might want to give the privilege to start "live online sessions" to the teacher and that is when instructor privilege becomes handy.

You can also follow these steps mentioned below to UPGRADE a user as an instructor:

STEP 1: Click on the CLASSROOM tab

STEP 2: Click on the classroom to assign an instructor

STEP 3: Tap on the ENROLL tab

STEP 4: Click as shown below to search for profiles

STEP 5: Select the PROFILE .


STEP 7: Select the ACCESS PERIOD in days or date

STEP 8: Select a DATE

STEP 9: Click on the ENROLL USER

You can see the user has been assigned the role as an instructor

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