If you’re looking for a mode of communication with your learners then news centre is the way to go. You can share interesting news, updates, events etc. and also use the module to listen to your learner’s comments.

So, this article will help you step-by-step on how to update any news for your Students using the NEWS feature:

STEP 1: First you need to click on the NEWS CENTER

STEP 2: Then please click on the ADD NEWS button

STEP 3: Now you can select EVERYONE if you want to share the news to all your Students enrolled in your Institute.

STEP 4: Give a suitable NEWS TITLE and DESCRIPTION

STEP 5: Now you need to click on the SEND button.

You can see here that the news has been Updated .

To see the updated news from the learners angle, please check the below steps:

STEP 6: Please click on VISIT USER SITE

You will find the news from the home page as shown below:

STEP 7: You can click on the news as shown below:

If a students wants to comment on the updated NEWS, they can. The below picture helps you to understand how students can comment.

STEP 3(A) Note : Using the News Center, You can also select specific classrooms to share any NEWS

Below you can see we have selected two classrooms to share the NEWS

STEP 3(B): Give a suitable TITLE and DESCRIPTION

STEP 3 (C): Click on the SEND button.

If you want to see the update of the NEWS from the students standpoint then you can follow the below steps:

STEP 3 (D): You need to now click on VISIT USER SITE

STEP 3 (E):Click on the classroom to which the NEWS has been shared.

STEP 3 (F): Now Click on the NOTICE BOARD

You can see the classroom Noticeboard has the following news updated.

So when you want to share news related to a specific classroom or you want to spread any news to all students, you can make the best use of the NEWS feature in EdisonOS.
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