When Drip is based on the Classroom start date, the schedule will come into effect when your student accesses your classroom content for the first time. This means they need to go to the Navigation for this particular Classroom and view learning blocks.

When a student gets enrolled into your classroom on Jan 1st and they don't have a chance to start working on your classroom until Jan 5th. The Drip Schedule will start on Jan 5th when they access the classroom for the first time!

This Drip option is customized in days. The day that your student first accesses the Student Classroom Navigation for this particular classroom is day 0.

For example, as soon as a student visits the Navigation for your Classroom, they could have access to Section 1 learning block immediately (day 0), have access to Section 2 learning block 7 days after, and Section 3 learning block 14 days after, etc.

You can check the video(in Hindi) to Set a Drip Schedule.

You can also check the Video (in English) to Set a Drip Schedule.

How to Set a Drip Schedule by Course Start Date:

1) Go to Classroom Tab.

2) Click on the image of the Classroom you want to set drip..

3) Select the Drip settings as indicated below:

4) In the Drip settings, make sure Student Course Start Date is selected.

5) For any blocks that require a unique release schedule,** input your desired number of days** after the start date for each block. If a block is left at 0 days, students will have access as soon as they go to the Navigation for this classroom.

Note: Please make sure at least one block in a section is accessible.

6) Click SAVE CHANGES on the top right.

Hurray!! You have successfully updated the Classroom Drip settings.

How the student will view the drip prompt for the learning blocks when they visit to see the classroom learning blocks from the student classroom navigation:

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