This Drip is based on a specific calendar date for your classroom. This gives every student the same start date and releases schedule regardless of when they enrol into your classroom. This option is great for students that need to progress through a classroom together!

How it works

Within your classroom Drip settings, you will be able to specify a specific release date for every block in your classroom.

Students will have access to the content on the calendar date set for the Drip Schedule. For example, if you set your Drip Schedule to Jan 1st, 2021, at 2 p.m. students who signed up for the course will get access on Jan 1st, 2021, at 2 p.m.

You can check the video(in Hindi) to Set a Drip Schedule.

You can also check the Video (in English) to Set a Drip Schedule.

How to Set a Drip Schedule by Calendar Date

1) Go to Classroom Tab.

2) Click on the image of the Classroom you want to set drip.

3) Select the Drip settings as indicated below.

4) In the Drip settings, select On a Specific Date and select your desired release date. This will apply to all blocks in the classroom. Individual blocks can later be customized to be launched at a specific date and time.

Your desired release date would be set accordingly as represented below:

Note: For any blocks that require a unique release date, edit the calendar date under the block title.

5) Click SAVE CHANGES at the top right.

Student View:

Students will only be able to view contents in your classroom that are currently available according to your Drip Schedule. If they try to access a lesson that is not released yet, they will see a prompt within the classroom indicating the date the learning block will be available.

The best way to test that your Drip Schedule is running correctly is to create a test student account and enrol into the classroom. You can then check in on the classroom from that student's perspective to ensure that they have access to learning blocks on the days you intend.
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