Well, the notice board feature is built keeping its classroom functionality in mind. It is used on our platform to give classroom – specific updates like – a welcome kit, new content, live class schedule, assignments, expert talk, deadlines, holiday announcement etc. Remember that the feature is specific to each classroom.

To learn how to use notice board inside the classroom , you can follow the mentioned steps below:

STEP 1: First please click on the CLASSROOM tab

STEP 2: Now select any of the classroom(s) that you want a notice board to be displayed.

STEP 3: You will be now required to tap on the NOTICE BOARD as shown below:

STEP 4: Pick a suitable notice TITLE and DESCRIPTION

STEP 5: Please click on SEND

From Admin standpoint you can see the notice board is displaying the Public Holiday Announcement.

Now you also might like to experience the learner side of this announcement.So below steps will guide you further:

STEP 6: Please Click on VISIT USER SITE

STEP 7: Once you have clicked, you can now select the classroom for which the notice board was kept on display.

STEP 8: In this step, click on the NOTICE BOARD as shown below

Finally you can see that the NOTICE BOARD is live and the announcement made to the classroom will allow students to take a note of the notice.

Woow wasn't that very easily? So definitely you can also put on display for the students and instructors to communicate any information to them.
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