The fonts add value to your text. It helps your readers to perceive information from the text. The correct choice of colour, font and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience.

Currently, we support only Google Fonts. So you can import the Google font styles as per your needs to your teaching platform.

You can take the help of this VIDEO to customize Google Fonts for your Online Institute.

How to Customize Google Fonts For your Online Institute ?

You need to go Google Fonts by clicking here
Next a new tab appears where you will find Font Families. Click the Font Family you wish to proceed and choose Font style. We have taken ROBOTO as a font and have chosen REGULAR 400 as a style.
Note You can select more than one font style in case you want to import more than one to your platform. We have selected above just a single font * Style which is REGULAR 400.
Copy the Selected URL of the Font style.
Scroll down to select the Font Family & Copy it.

Setting Up Google Font
Go to EdisonOS platform, and click on the Settings tab
Next click Branding
You will paste the copied Font URL in the FONT URL field .
Now paste the copied Font Family Text in the Font Family field.
Hit the Save button to reflect the font for your Online Institute.

Successful: You have customized Google Fonts for your Online Institute
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