How To Create An Assessment ?

Assessments are a great tool for creating mock tests.

Why Use Assessments?

If you are running a competitive coaching Institute, you would need to conduct assessment for your learners and with EdisonOS, you can create customized Assessments in a number of ways to conduct full fledged mock test, simulating a real time competitive exam environment for your learners.

For example:

Assess your learners' understanding of your content to check if your training is really successful.

With this article, learn to create an Assessment on EdisonOS to assess your learners.

Create Assessment

Build standardized mock tests on your site by creating an Assessment on EdisonOS.

This brief English video outlines the process. For details about How To Create An Assessment ?, watch the video below:

This brief Hindi video outlines the process. For details about How To Create An Assessment ?, watch the video below:

To create a new Assessment:
From the main menu, select Assessments to click the Create Assessment button.
Now you can upload an Image, set the Title and Description for your assessment, and provide clear Instructions for your learners. You can also specify the number of attempts allowed for this assessment.
If you want to show the Summary report of the assessment to your learners, toggle the Show Summary button. This report will include their overall score, as well as a breakdown of their performance by section.
If you want to make this assessment available to all learners, toggle the Public Assessment button. If you do this, a message will be displayed to learners upon completing the assessment, letting them know that their performance

You can customize the text to bold, italicize, underline, and/or hyperlink your text

Looking to add questions to your assessment? Learn more
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Updated on: 12/01/2023

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