You can take the help of this video to create a product

Or you can also follow the steps below to create a product:


First, you need to click on the “**Products**” tab.


The next step is to click on the box indicating '**CREATE NEW PRODUCT**'


Now in this step, you have to create a suitable ‘**Product Title’, ‘Internal Title’, ‘Short Description’** and a good ‘Description’ for your classroom.

Product title can be your chapter name which you are going to cover.

The internal title is the topic which you are going to cover inside the chapter.

A short description tells you to add a short and precise content you are going to cover.


The fourth step will guide you through creating “**CALL TO ACTION TEXT”,** and below, you will have options as FREE PRODUCT, ALLOW PREVIEW, ALLOW TRIAL. Tick the box as you want.

STEP 5: Now in this step, please click on EDIT to edit the price

STEP 6: Now please choose the currency as per your requirement.

NOTE: Razorpay gateway supports INR currency only by default. Please obtain approvals from Razorpay for additional currency support.

STEP 7: Finally, click on the UPDATE button to save all the details.

STEP 8:Pleasee click on the ‘**SELECT CLASSROOMS’** in the search bar to select your classroom in the eighth step.


Lastly, please click on the ‘**CREATE PRODUCT’** tab to sell the course to your learners.

You can see your classroom has been successfully created as a product.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! You have successfully created the product. Now you can start converting your classroom into the product and offer them to your students so that they can benefit from it.
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