Edison empowers you to organize your teaching-learning content and related activities in one place.

You can easily create and upload videos and other learning materials such as quizzes, assessments, and other reference content with our helping tools.

Simple content management features such as drag, drop and rearranging content gives you a seamless experience to automate and curate learning content like a pro and schedule classes accordingly. Every educator would need a classroom to set up the journey of online school and so would you too love that.

Edison lets you conduct live classes or visual presentations white-labelled in your brand. Create content, deliver personal lessons or share any kind of deliverable content at ease with our classroom solutions.

Please click on the tab that says ‘CREATE CLASSROOM’. This button will definitely help you create a well-defined classroom for your learners.

As now your classroom would need an identity to it. Lets attach a name to the classroom .

Please click on the box that says click on ‘CURRICULUM’ to create your courses and mock tests for your learners which enables you to track their progress from time to time.

Next, by clicking on the 'SCHEDULING' you can schedule your online classes and manage batches with utmost flexibility. To do that '**CLICK ON SCHEDULE'** as displayed below.

Next, please click on ‘DISCUSSION’ to built focus channels to enable collaboration.

CHEERS!! Now, you can see that your classroom is created. Next, you can also update the '**COVER PHOTO'.** For that, you will need to click on ‘ARROW’. Clicking it, you will find options coming up, please click on the option that says "EDIT".

As per your preference, you can set the cover photo for your classroom which will bring a spectacular classroom look. So you will need to click on ‘UPDATE COVER’ to update the cover photo of your classroom.

'**ICONS'** are always said to be great attention grabbers. So if you want to draw the attention of your learners to your classroom you can always opt to click on ‘ADD ICON’ as displayed below in the screenshot to set your classroom's uniqueness apart. However, You can select ICON as per your choice.

Now you can start easily create and organize learning materials, conducts assessments, facilitate discussions for your learners. You can start creating contents and uploading them inside the classroom. Also, Video content, study materials in PDFs can be made available for your learners. Your learners love the game of choosing answers to MCQs, so you can create MCQs too for them and many other learning blocks like shown in the image below:
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