This feature is applicable only for users in PAID plan.

If you need help in mapping your custom domain, please refer to this article: How to Connect Your Custom Domain? | EdisonLMS Help Center

Learn to connect your Custom Email Domain to Edison to brand your sender information when sending emails to your list.

Please raise a ticket to [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#43203003372622202b26272a302c2d6d202c2e) or contact your account manager, requesting to verify the email domain.

Once you raise the ticket, we will send you the records to be mapped in your DNS settings (e.g., GoDaddy or Google Domains) to verify the email domain.

Once the records are mapped please let us know, then we will initiate the email domain verification process.

Once verified we will map the communication email with the requested Email ID under the verified domain.
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