All new accounts, by default, will be student accounts unless you assign a different role. You(Admin) can assign a role to a user after they already have been added to the Institute.

Now after assigning the role of an admin, the admin can have access to the full dashboard. access to upload subject materials to the classroom, edit existing contents, view student progress for their classrooms, right to enrol or unenrol a student , schedule live sessions, add or manage an instructor, also can monitor and even engage in the community discussion to support students in real-time.

Here's how you can assign a new role to an admin from an user:

STEP 1 : First go to the PEOPLE tab

STEP 2: Go to the user profile whom you want to assign the role of an admin

STEP 3: Click the button to enable as shown below

STEP 4: Finally, click on UPDATE CHANGES to successfully update user to an admin.


On our PRO PLAN, you can assign a admin role, so why to miss out on an advantage when the content creation process can be a joint effort.
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