A preview for a product is a good way to use a marketing strategy to increase buyer reach if you are really confident about the quality of the product you create. Specific learning block can be previewed by the learner inside the classroom to make a valuable purchase afterwards. If Your Product is really good, it should sell Itself, but the preview feature makes it that easier for you to reach there.


(a) The preview feature lets the learner watch the preview of the learning content before making a real purchase. In short, a live preview of learning content gives your products the edge - It increases conversion rates. and provides a better customer experience.

You can take the help of this VIDEO to understand how a preview of learning content can be allowed.

You can also follow these steps mentioned below to enable PREVIEW for your Content:


To allow a preview of your product, please click on the ARROW tab of any of your classroom. You can take the help of the below screenshot to help yourself out.


Next please click on the EDIT tab option that appears on your screen.


You can see now three dots appearing next to your created contents. Please click on those THREE DOTS in any of your blocks as shown by the box below.


Now please click on the MAKE AS PREVIEW option.


Similarly, you will follow the same process for the other created blocks which you want to MAKE AS PREVIEW for your learners.


In this sixth step, you need to click on the PRODUCTS tab. Please do so.


Now please click on the CREATE NEW PRODUCT tab to see other options that will need to be filled up.


Now create a better PRODUCT TITLE and a great INTERNAL TITLE for your product inside the classroom. And also a SHORT DESCRIPTION needs to be added.

The product title is something that defines the product.

The internal title defines which topic is going to be covered inside the product.

A short description tells about the product precisely.


Now to tag a price for your product, please click on the ADD NEW PRICE tab.

STEP 10:

As per the preference and choice you can now set your pricing

To do so, please fill the new pop up that says PRODUCT PRICING.

Note: The CURRENCY will get triggered and it will be set automatically.As per your location/ country code.

To guide you rightly, we have attached the screenshot below

step 11:

PAYMENT GATEWAY will get triggered automatically as per your location/ country code.

NOTE: Razorpay gateway supports INR currency only by default. Please obtain approvals from Razorpay for additional currency support.

STEP 12:

Now you need to save all the things added as a product pricing that you created in the last step. So please, click on the ADD tab to add the details.

STEP 13:

Now please click on the ALLOW PREVIEW tab as shown in the image below.

STEP 14:

Click on the search bar for SELECT YOUR CLASSROOM and search for your classroom as shown in the screenshot below.

STEP 15:

To have this product created, please click on the tab that says CREATE PRODUCT. The below screenshot will guide you to click.

STEP 16:

You would like to see the learner side of the product created by you. To experience, please click on the VISIT YOUR SITE.

STEP 17:

Now in this step, please click on the STORE tab

STEP 18:

You will see next that says BUY NOW. Please click on BUY NOW.

STEP 19:

Next, you will need to click on the CONTENT PREVIEW tab as shown in the image below.

STEP 20:

A learner before purchasing your product will like to view what you create.

So, you can see options coming under the content like VIDEOS and PDFs, REFERENCE MATERIALS and others.

As per your choice of what to see as a learner, you can click PREVIEW as shown in the image below.

STEP 21:

The image below depicts the learner experience of content in preview! As you can see below, the learner has an instant option to purchase the product!

Now, it's your time to set your preview mode on and discover the real power of this feature. You can start enabling now VIDEO PREVIEW, PDF PREVIEW, MCQ PREVIEW, GUESS THE WORD PREVIEW and enable a lot of other exciting value-based materials for preview and increase your conversion rates!😊
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