A preview for your learning content is to let your students have a look on the contents and then take an informed decision to buy your product. When you dispaly your contents on a preview, it will create confidence in students to make a purchase of your product. In short, a live preview of learning content gives your products the edge and to market itself.

You can take the help of this video to allow a preview option for the learning content.

or You can also follow the steps mentioned below to enable PREVIEW for your Content:

STEP 1: To allow a preview of your product, please click on the CLASSROOMS tab.

STEP 2: Now click on any of the classrooms.

STEP 3: Click on three dots as shown below:

STEP 4: To enble preview , click on MAKE AS PREVIEW

Finally you can see that the preview option has been allowed for the classroom content.

We would like to see you allowing more previews for your content only to sell itself at a better pace.

If you want to understand how a Product can be created then watch this article
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