Free trial means when a product is offered to learners for free for a short period of time so they can try using it before they set their mind for a real purchase of your course.

This feature is applicable to Non Paid users only.

Advantage of a Product Trial

--It gives the product the chance to sell itself

--People are given an opportunity to invest time into your brand.

You can take the help of this VIDEO to understand how a FREE TRIAL can be allowed

You can also follow these steps mentioned below to allow a FREE TRIAL:


Allowing a free trial for your product is really a good idea. So to do so, first please click on the ARROW for any of your classrooms. The below image guides you on that.


In the second step, you will need to click on the PRODUCTS tab.


Now please click on the CREATE NEW PRODUCT tab as shown in the screenshot below.


You will now need to fill down the PRODUCT TITLE, INTERNAL TITLE and also SHORT DESCRIPTION.

A product title is something that is added to give a name to the product.

An Internal title helps you to add what specific topic you are going to cover to your product.

A short description is needed to be created to give a little information about the topic you are going to cover in the classroom.


You can now add a new price for your created product. To do so, please click on ADD NEW PRICE.


You can also set the pricing and payment gateway mode as per the preferences. So for that to be set up, the PRODUCT PRICING new tab opens up as shown below. Please fill that accordingly.

Now please choose your currency as per your the country code.

NOTE: Razorpay gateway supports INR currency only by default. Please obtain approvals from Razorpay for additional currency support.


Next after the sixth step, you will be needed to click on ADD as displayed by the image below.


Now you are going to click a tick on ALLOW TRIAL. Click on ALLOW TRIAL as shown in the image below.


Now you will be needed to click on SELECT CLASSROOM which you want to provide your users as a free trial and select it.

STEP 10:

This step will guide you to click on the CREATE PRODUCT tab. Please click that tab as given in the image below.

STEP 11:

In the screenshot below, now you can see that the classroom is successfully created. Now to see the learner side of the product created as a free trial please click on VISIT YOUR SITE or login as a learner to experience a free trial.

STEP 12:

It would still entirely depend upon you if you want to set your created product for a free trial for your learners. To give it a free trial, please click on the STORE tab.

STEP 13:

Click on BUY NOW. To guide you in the right manner, we have attached the screenshot below for your help.

STEP 14:

Next after clicking on the BUY NOW tab. You will find two things appearing. To give your learners an experience of a free trial of what you have created, please click on FREE TRIAL as shown in the screenshot below.

Also if you would like them to buy your created product, please click on the BUY NOW tab which is next to the FREE TRIAL tab.

STEP 15:

Now in this step, you would need to Click on ENROLL FOR FREE tab.

STEP 16:

You can see below that TRIAL ACCESS GRANTED! is shown. Now please click on the VIEW CONTENT tab to see the content that you have created for a free trial.

STEP 17:

This step will guide you to Click on the START button as displayed in the image below.

STEP 18:

Finally, now you can see that free trial access has been successfully given.

NOTE: There is no limitation on the number of days that a non paid user can have access to this FREE TRIAL feature. They can access it at zero cost.]

CONGRATS !!! Now you can start giving free trials to your learners so that they can make a better decision before the content purchase.
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