You can upload SCORM ZIP files in your Curriculum. SCORM is a technical standard for many e-learning products and is often used to create course content. Once enabled, the SCORM Link will appear in the Course Navigation menu.

Watch the video(English) that demonstrates how to add a SCORM Content for your Learners:

Watch the video(Hindi) that demonstrates how to add a SCORM Content for your Learners:

How to get your Scorm File uploaded
Click the Classrooms Tab from the left sidebar and click Classrooms.
Click on Add Block and search Scorm in the search bar
Enter a suitable Title and Click Save.
Click Upload to upload the scorm content for your classroom.
Next click Save to make SCORM content available for enrolled learners.

Experiencing the Learner Side

Please click on the User profile from top right corner.
Click on My Library to go for the classroom.
Next go to the Classroom for which you want to find the Scorm content
Click the Start button to view the table of contents. Next Click Scorm to view the content.

Make sure that the manifest file is included in the .zip file. This manifest file contains XML that describes the structure of a course both from a learner’s perspective and from a physical file system perspective and is required for the SCORM to be valid. Be sure to test the learning activity and see how it works before releasing it.

SCORM content is not played when accessed with the Incognito.

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