A video lesson is a video that presents educational material for a topic that is to be learned.

Tip: Use video block to upload videos and to increase student engagement. students are more interested to access the course content and video clips can help. Students will process and remember it better. Video lessons offer the flexibility to pause, rewind the video

This video(English) will give you an understanding on how to upload your Video content to the classroom

or this video (Hindi) will give you an understanding on how to upload your Video content to the classroom.

This tutorial guides you step by step in uploading your video content to your classroom. Check out the easy steps:

Initially please click on the CLASSROOM tab that is on the left sidebar.

Next click the CLASSROOM for which you want to upload your video content. Not to forget brains process visual information faster than text.

Click on ADD BLOCK to proceed

Now click on the Search bar and search for VIDEO to upload a video content. Click on the VIDEO block once you have searched for it.

Lets add a title. Give your video content a new title. To give you an example, we have given NATIVE VIDEO as the title for this video block.

Its time to upload your Video Content. You can upload the video either with the upload option, then browse video files and upload the awesome video content or by entering the VIDEO URL. Here we have entered the video URL in the URL field to upload the video.

Once you are confirmed on the video content, click on the SAVE button.

Now you may want to grab a look on the learner side of the VIDEO block. Excited to view it? Then lets take you with the next steps:

A) Click on the** ADMIN USER** and then VISIT USER SITE from the top right corner.

B) Next click on MY LIBRARY to view the classroom.

C) Tap on the CLASSROOM for which you would like to experience the video content, To give you an example. we have clicked on LEARNING IS INTERESTING classroom

D) Once inside the classroom, now its your time to click the START button . Start button will help you navigate through the learning contents. Click on the title of the video to view the video content from the table of contents. We have clicked on NATIVE VIDEO to experience the video as a learner.

Wonderful to see you on successfully upload of the video content to your classroom. Video clips can be a great tool to assist students in gaining that deeper understanding of content.

PRO TIP: Including videos in your digital classroom can show a high ROI- as your learners can bring good grades. With videos increasing knowledge retention. Videos are great for educating learners on concepts that are practical, and which are best-explained step-by-step.
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